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Tianjin Bohai Fine Chemical Co,.Ltd is the organic chemical enterprise which mainly produce basic organic chemcial material.It is the Chinese biggest manufacture of Maleic anhydride.It is one of the biggest 500 chemical industrial enterprise in China.It is famous for a long history,abundant technical personnel,advanced technology and equipment.Five main products which registered tradmark is "HUAN PAI"brand are name as "Superior Quality product".The maleic anhydride won "The State Siliver Quality Aware".
   Since a decade Tianjin Bohai Fine Chemical Co.,ltd is first at the Output retio,export quantity of maleic an hydride in China.The maleic anhydride,Fumaric Aeid and sebacic Acid have been exported to USA .Japan and Westerm Europe for many years.
   Our plant has taken CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY OF QUALITY SYSTEM CERTIFICATIONWITH ISO 9002:94 Standard by China certification Conmmittee for Quality Make Quality certification certre in 1997.And we ha... [Detail]

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